Hi. How’s life?

It’s been 8 months since I last posted something. I didn’t expect it to go this far, and it turns out it’s the end of 2019. Many unexpected things have been missed I did not think I passed it. I laughed a lot, cried too easily, lived a dream, many mistakes happened, moved on, and everything in between. 24 years old, wow you’re growing up naa!

Since I lived in the West Sumatera, 1230 mile from my home, moving all the time gave me a thrill that few people I knew could relate to. I rarely met the people who closest to me, it was too heavy but what I knew that being far is not a choice but about the purpose of life. I was always glad that I have busy lives. I couldn’t sit around crying for weeks on end, because there were always things to do – like work, and rehearsals, and family stuff. Eventually, life returned to how it was before.

I will never forget those 6am airport goodbyes before going back to Padang. I will never forget the smell of my father’s hot black coffee before heading to the airport. Or those long hugs with my mother. Or those warm grip with his hand. Then there was that horrible moment where one of us had to stay, and the other walked away.

Once, I cried on a plane, to be honest I didn’t like to make my mom getting miserable because of me, but so far my mom is the toughest person I knew. And the kids beside me looked at me in wonder. So I smiled awkwardly and offered him a candy I had.

Okay, forget about mixed feelings on the plane, forget about all the fears, let’s enjoy the trip. I always liked everything about planes. About flight attendants who smile friendly. About the airline magazine and how the authors write it beautifully. About the engine and physics that take me to my destination. About the airplane wings and how to fly between clouds.

And after all, what I like the most is … windows seat.

It’s no secret that choosing the right airplane seat is extremely important for a comfortable flight. The window seat provides breathtaking views at take-off and landing. The window seat is the best seat on any airplane, with a headseat and music on.

It’s not a problem to see the clear sky with clouds, the occasional gray sky of the aircraft experiencing turbulence, or the night sky with flickering lights below. But, the best moment is the flight when the sunsets. And the beautiful part is, I wasn’t even looking best flight when I found it. It just happened. fyi, one of my best flights is when the plane delays from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, the plane was scheduled to fly at 4pm, but apparently had to fly at 5pm.

Imagine this, usually I can only see the sunset at the end of the horizon, and now I see the sunset from sky. Golden hour and orange sky mixed with blue sky, really fascinating. Every spark returns to darkness. Every sound returns to silence. More than anything else the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination. Life is like a Sunset and Sunrise, when sun goes down it will raise back again next day, life is also same way, sometimes we have to face good as well as bad situation which will help us to learn new things which we never excepted that will happen.

Enjoy the photos and feel the moment.

PDG-BDG, October 2018.

JKT – PDG, June 2019

JOG – JKT, October 2019

Dear Mr. Pilot, how many times have you seen a beautiful sunset between the clouds?

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