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Back with me again, Shabrina Primadana. It is always nice when I’m trying to write something new. It feels like I’m thinking hard to remember the day I took the photos although it’s kinda late-post typical situation.

In this post, I will tell about the place I have written in ‘My Destination List’ before. It tooks 5 hours from West Sumatera capital city, Padang. Located in Payakumbuh, Padang Mengatas or in the local language (minang) often referred to as Padang Mangateh, offer a beautiful and spacious green field! Actually, this location created specifically for livestock which is named Balai Pembibitan Ternak Unggul Dan Hijauan Pakan Ternak (BPTU-HPT). It was established in 1916 and introduced in the Dutch East Indies colonial era.

Have you ever seen a vast green field in Matamata Village New Zealand, complete with a farm atmosphere and a variety of fresh plants? You don’t have to go there, cause Padang Mangateh is looked alike Hobbitton Village in Matamata – New Zealand. Of course, besides being able to see the vast green landscape, complete with farm animals, you can also see beautiful and cool mountain, Bukit Barisan.

Unfortunately, to enjoy this beauty you must make a permit before entering the Padang Mangateh Payakumbuh area. This tourist destination is an educational tourist attraction that is limited in nature. Ah, for tour, you have to submit an entry permit online. How to register, just click the ‘here’ link and fill in the form provided. You can order along with lodging here too. http://bptupadangmengatas.com/kunjungan/

Well, for those of you who visit there, please maintain cleanliness and order. Don’t stress the cow, let alone throw litter. Enjoy the photos.

over the hill.
view from where I stand.

“The goal is not to be in the same place”

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