Rendezvouz is very French way to say “meeting” or “date”, can also be a secret meeting between lovers.




That day was Saturday. My college schedule should be finish at 12:30 but to be 13.30. And someone has been waiting for me since morning. At that time, my mind didn’t focus in class considering someone was waiting for me at a coffee shop in my campus library.


After the lesson was over, I immediately said goodbye to friends, and hurried to meet him. I don’t know how to describe that day. Kind of I was afraid to meet him. But the other part of me, was excited. 

My cellphone suddenly vibrated indicating there was a telephone.  Missed call from him.

I was wondering, why I did not go straight to the coffee shop where he waited. Instead I stopped at a Books and Beyond store behind the coffee shop and more than just handled a heart that was not ready to meet him.

Missed call again. 

Okay I couldn’t avoid it this time. From Books and Beyond I could see him. Denim jacket, black hat, and his hand was busy hold the cellphone.

“Hey”. I called him. He turned his head.

Damn. His deep brown eyes.

He smiled, “Have you finished your college?”

I answered with a smile. “What about your flight? Sorry”


“It’s ok, na”

We headed to the coffee shop where he waited earlier. I just walked without daring to look at him.

“Don’t want coffee? Or just go to Bogor? ”

“okay, lets go” I said

We have planned to go to a café in Bogor. That day was sunny. The road wasn’t so crowded. Started with a simple conversation between me and him about my campus, I stole a glance at him when we walked. he’s still the same when we last met maybe about 1 years ago.

I just still couldn’t believe it, he sat in front of me and showed him that I was no longer the same girl he broke up with. And when he tried to look at me, I always looked away. I might be tempting to want to talk about what happened between us. But, we knew each other, we won’t talk about the past. 

“Why?” He asked when I looked away.

I shook my head quickly. When I tried to look straight his eyes, our eyes met. People said, “eyes are the window to the soul,” and as cliché as it most definitely sounds, it’s kinda true. I couldn’t describe the person in front of me at that time. Used to feel different but actually the same. I didn’t know him but actually I knew him.


The first day after not meeting him for so long, I realized that how people and time changes. On that day I found out what his favorite coffee, or just the book he had read during the flight that morning. On that day all the things I tried to forget after all these years slowly remembered. That rainy day has one story. And the story continues today.

Welcome back, Han Habibi Hanurrochman

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