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“Why do so many people (include me) dislike the rain?”



Hello there!!!

It has been almost 2 months passed. I just felt I’ve passed so many important things. Nothing special happened. To
be completely honest, I always hate the beginning of the year, ya basically about the season. When the monsoons arrived, it just wasn’t fun anymore. I absolutely hate the mud, cold, wet, and the rain.

Well, actually, people love rains as it’s considered as the most romantic season of all time. But I personally don’t see any romance in this. I mean, what’s the fun in rains? Then romance can be done when there’s absolute no rain! Why do you want rain for that? It also makes the sky look grey and miserable a lot of the time, and that can affect mood for some people, like me. When the rain falls, I start to lose my mind. It’s kinda strange stuff when people keep talking about their favorite, but I do the opposite thing that I hate the most?

The rain brought the memory of another rainy day. In the mid of oct, when the rainy season just started, first meeting of us. And I even didn’t dare to stare your eyes. I just couldn’t imagine our first talk (after a long time, sure) with the background music of the sound of rain such of “something to remember”. Even, I thought the rainy season is so depressing, I have to one romance thing under an umbrella. Although I really hate the rain, I’m sure I can’t avoid it, so this is the plan I suggest to you:

1.      Don’t go outside.

2.      If it’s important and urgent, then think for a good excuse and don’t go outside.

3.      Take an umbrella but better you keep staying at home.

4.      Or a raincoat, but I remind you to stay cause you will get wet.

5.      Just don’t go outside, crazy world there.

6.      The last is take your sweater everywhere gals, so fucking cold people like me I can’t handle ha!

The only thing that keeps you smile is a mug of hot tea or coffee or chocolate with your favorite song in the background. And sometimes, a sudden call from the one you love that it will be shut today as it’s raining cats and dogs!


“Petrichor”, the wonderful smell after the rain.


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