It’s almost 9 pm and here I am, trying to make another-late-update, and to be honest, this is something that I hate to do the most! I’ve been trying to love “writing” since junior high school, and I don’t know, I don’t know why writing is the hardest thing that I do. I mean, literally hard. I’m quite jealous with someone who writing easily in their blog or just a beautiful caption in instagram and  got other people inspired.

I was checking my old photos, while felt pity to my camera cause I didn’t use it about 5 months and I found these. Bandung story part 1 (maybe)! Who doesn’t fall in love with Bandung? The city vibe, cold weather, sunda culture, people, and scenery of the country side! Bandung is surrounded by immensely beautiful nature from Mount Tangkuban Parahu, the only volcano in Indonesia where you can drive all the way to the rim; the sulphuric White Crater; undulating tea plantations in the hills; and cool waterfalls which offer fantastic backgrounds. But this post tell you about my early-morning-tea-walk.

I’ve been dreaming about tea walk since I watched Petualangan Sherina at the age of 6 years. How could that movie really affect to me and at that age I want to have adventure like Sherina. And yassss, I visited Observatorium Boscha when 10 years old, eventhough security did not let me in because we had not registered yet, i was kinda little dissapointed but still happy. (soon go to there with the closest one I hope)

Tea-field. There are two large tea field in Bandung, north and south Bandung.  I have visited both and in my opinion the better one is north bandung, its place in Sukawana, Lembang. The casual walk along the winding paths between the tea shrubs is now called a “tea-walk”. The hilly paths of the plantation also provide an exciting arena for mountain cycling. I love the green hills in the mountains mixed with the chill of morning air. I love the atmosphere when the sun is just rising and the birds sing. I like the way between the tea field and the freshly cut tea leaves.

Enjoy the photos!!

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