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Spring is comin, no not spring, but summer is comin for sure, cause I’m living in tropical country! Idk how to say but I’m feelin so excited bc I have love-hate relationship with wet season. I hate it when everything around me is cold, wet, muddy, and dirty, and ya we’ll get sick easily. but the rain is the reason why do I have to stay at home all day. Whether I rather chill out at home or go for a walk in the rain, a great playlist can help I get through the storm. And the point is, every season has the songs which understand people. I thought that wet season is identic with a blue and gloomy day, so all I wanna listen is a sad song, summer has opposite side so all I wanna listen is happy song which suggest me to pack my luggage and go to somewhere, kind of awesome view and related with perfect holiday. The sun is shining, and the beaches will soon be crowded, which can only mean one thing: Summer is underway.

And here’s 5 indie-west-songs of summer I recommend to you!!

1.Bloom – The Paper Kites

The title song define itself. BLOOM. Listen it in early morning with a cup of coffee. Make your day be a good one!


2. Kodaline – Love Like This

Song with energic beats which make you dance even you just listened this song. Literally about love won’t last forever, a great tune and a melody that will help pass the time.


3. Lauv – The other

For summer days when you’re feeling down just listen this. It gives you a sense of joy and happiness like nothing else can. Throw this on your list!


4. LANY – Pink Skies

I really fall in love with this song. The lyric, the beat, the feel, the voice, the meaning, ugh! How could people make a song such like this? Kinda a song you’ll fall in love for the 1st time you listen it.

5. American Authors – What We Live For

They are not indie band fyi guys, pop rock band.  What better way to welcome summer days with music that makes you feel good! Bye rain and cloudy skies, welcome sun and blue skies 🙂


Bonus track :

6. Oh Wonder – Without You

Play it when you are taking long drive otr night-time drive to nowhere. And this song will remind you to someone…


can you tell me which song leads to your heart?

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