Hello, Hooman!!

It’s been a crazy month since my last post. Sooooo many things happened since 3-4 months ago. School, work, assignments, dan I just realized that I’ve through the hectic days! But, well, new year already begin babe! I’ve started the new and LAST term of my school (Amiin), even I’m not ready yet to this term, I just survived this year for 19 days.

Everyone can’t wait for holiday seasons  and I just ….take a deep breath and hold on the tears, it feels like I don’t have time to relax myself! Trust me, it’s tragic enough. Spend all the day to do work (you can say “internship”) in the biggest city in Indonesia is terrible, you have to get ready in the morning (especially you live around Jakarta, you’ll go earlier) and use urban public transport here. It is always crowded and maybe traffic if you’re unlucky. Nope, every single day you’ll be one of unlucky people here! million of people, traffic, pollution, crime, make your mood fall down along the day.

Everyday I’m in traffic, I’ll read the book or just listen the music or be… a sky watcher(it sound cool right?). I love looking the sky. I love the ambience of sunrise and sunset. Wait… which one is better? Sunrise or sunset? Sunlight is most precious gold to be found on Earth. And it reminds me about home,  it reminds me a beginning of something new. An old friend said, “It’s the same thing, everywhere; the sun is rising, then it sets.”

It’s true, indeed.

Take your time to see the sky, be a sky watcher. it reminds us that life goes on, and we have to move on. Each day is born with a sunrise and ends in a sunset. Enjoy the photos 🙂

Have a nice day

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