an unplanned, fortunate discovery. I am absolutely fascinated by what it means. It is a title of Holywood movie. And I have watched it before write this. Serendipity is a 2001 American romantic comedy directed by Peter Helsom. But, to this post I won’t tell about film story, I will only write some part in that […]

Sweater Weather

“Why do so many people (include me) dislike the rain?”     Hello there!!! It has been almost 2 months passed. I just felt I’ve passed so many important things. Nothing special happened. To be completely honest, I always hate the beginning of the year, ya basically about the season. When the monsoons arrived, it […]

Summer Playlist

Hello peeps! Spring is comin, no not spring, but summer is comin for sure, cause I’m living in tropical country! Idk how to say but I’m feelin so excited bc I have love-hate relationship with wet season. I hate it when everything around me is cold, wet, muddy, and dirty, and ya we’ll get sick […]

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